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Compatibility: All Devices
iOS 6 - 9

CSources2 is a Cydia Sources Manager that allows full control over your sources.

• Add as many sources as you want.
• Disable/Enable or delete them.
• Add notes.
• Check if Source is active.
• Package details.
• Import cydia.list, ????.list file , Web Link.
• Backup Sources via iTune , iCloud , Manually.
• Sync between Devices.
• Auto List feature & More
Full Docs : CSources2 Blog

Please note:
CSources2 was designed for iOS 7 and above.
A small amount of users requested iOS 6.0.0 compatibility. CSources2 works on iOS6 but was not intended. Support for iOS6 is limited.
Tested on iOS 6.1.6 only.

Reporting Bugs:
Please review all notes and documentation before contacting the developer. Contact Dev via: In-App.

Duplicate source errors in Cydia means you have not removed your originally added sources from Cydia in Cydia.
This is not a bug or glitch.
CSources2 is a Cydia Sources Manager App, and not a tweak. To resolve, disable the duplicate sources in CSources2 and Apply.
Only after you remove the source(s) from Cydia in Cydia, or remove the imported ????.list file, should you enable them, and Apply them.
Do not remove default stock sources that are the original Cydia Sources.
Don't Forget To Backup!!!

Recent changes

iOS 9.3.3 Ready
iPad Pro support.

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