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Consilium: the sequel to UltraFlat. A complete icon theme with layering and depth, designed specifically for iOS 7.

Consilium retains the beautiful simplicity you loved with UltraFlat, but re-imagines it in a way that complements and matches iOS 7. Depth is the main focus conveyed through each icon, done so through the use of layering and translucency. It works 'out-of-the-box', with no extra setup or tweaks needed to get the best experience. Virtually all system icons have been themed; even in iOS 7.1's iCloud Settings panel which (as of yet) no other theme has touched.

Of course, all the little details in UltraFlat carry over to Consilium: Each icon is designed around the iOS 7 icon Grid System, and the system colour scheme has been used to it's full potential. These 'ground rules' set out for each icon have been made much stricter for Consilium, ensuring a level of consistency other themes just can't match.

Download now on iPhone or iPod touch for just $99c. Full Settings, Spotlight and Auxo 2 compatability included.

Thanks: @Jato_BZ for help with theming main Settings icons and iOS 7.1 iCloud settings panel icons. /r/iOSthemes/ community for help and suggestions.

Everyone who helped with UltraFlat!

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