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Compatible with iOS 9
Not yet compatible with iPad

Check out Clex2 (iOS8) and original Clex (iOS7).

Clex3 is a revolutionary new way to control your music with some easy gestures, totally rewritten for better performances, a new awesome look that respect the UI of iOS and functionality.

Clex3 adds two controller on your device (see screenshot below): one can be invoked by swiping from the right side of your device's screen to the left and the other by swiping from the left side of your device's screen to the right. The right controller allows you control your music playback, shows you music by the same artist and a lyric of the current playing song. The left controller is called 'ClexBoard' here are located some plugins. Clex3 has preinstalled four plugins:

The ‘Albums’ plugin display all of your song’s albums in a wonderful place. Here you can select an album and then select a song to play from that album;

The ‘Songs’ plugin display all of your song in a list. Here you can search and select a song to play. After selecting a song an indicator will appear above the song’s artwork cell. You can tap the “Song” top label to go to the current now playing song;

The ‘iTunes’ plugin display a list of the current top songs from iTunes. You can of course search for songs using iTunes search engine. Tap a song to play a preview of that song or view it on iTunes;

The ‘Playlist’ plugin display all of your playlists. Tap on one playlist to display all songs contained on it. To go back tap on the top label.

More plugins will be added in next updates.
Other developers can write plugins for Clex so just look Cydia and install them.

Contact me if you need help or report a bug


Recent changes

°Initial iOs 9.3.3 support;
°Bug fixes;


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