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Compatible with iOS 9.x
On iOS 8? Try CameraTweak 3 (iOS 8)

Turn your stock Camera app into a professional one!

The iPhone is a great device to capture your favourite moments, and although there are literally thousands of 3rd party camera applications out there, the fastest one is still your stock Camera app.
This tweak will add many professional features and make the stock Camera app a serious contender.

Features such as lapse timer, changing the resolution or changing the FPS of your camera are just the tip of the iceberg.

Manual ISO, Shutter speed and Focus are professional features that are a must to have and can really make an impact in your every day shots.

Un-mirror Selfies, change the Video Stabilisation, change the White Balance and even Pause the recording so that you can create continuous videos without the need of editing.

There are even four different composition overlays to choose from to give you that extra support.

This is the fourth generation CameraTweak specially made for iOS 9 and will be kept updated to include the latest iOS functionality and bug fixes.

-This is a free update for anyone who purchased CameraTweak 3 before.
-Currently only available for iPhone/iPod iOS 9.x

Recent changes

Fix: Previous broken rotation callback for various UI elements
Fix: Manual ISO and Shutterspeed but that would decrease each one with one step every time you open the manual adjustment display.
Fix: Use of custom overlays would not stick when the Grid toggle in the preferences was turned on
Fix: UI fix for horizontal helper toggle button in landscape position
Fix: Dimension picker bar would go nuts when turning to landscape position
Fix: The FPS indicator button would disappear in landscape position after minimising the Camera app
Fix: Unmirror selfie in low light situations would be missing pixels
Fix: When picking a FPS which would be higher than the max FPS for the next selected dimension, switching back to the first FPS would keep the max FPS from the previous dimension
Fix: The FPS dial could not be tapped on the iPhone 6s/6s+, added a special button for those devices
Added: Fade out of focus square when opening the FPS dial
Temp Fix: When bursting in unmirror selfie mode would crash the Camera app (on burst and timer)

Fix for FPS label not setting the right FPS after device swap
Fix for manual modes (focus/shutter/iso/wb) will not return to auto after taking photo
UI update: Moved aspect ratio from square mode to photo mode
UI update: Added un-mirror toggle to front camera interface for photo/square mode

Fix for crash after opening/closing imagewell while overlay is showing
Fix for dimension change lag
Fix for dimension change being able to set the true minimum fps
Fix for crash when going beyond minimum shutter speed on iPhone 6s & 6s+

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