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Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9
Also try: CallBar iOS 4,5,6"
Dont let incoming calls interrupt you!

New version for iOS 7 & 8 brings dozens of new features!

Notification Center integration, complete call handling for telephony and FaceTime audio calls, completely new UI, bigger and easier to access with instant dismissal with just a swipe and a whole new and complete dialer interface which can actually replace the

CallBar re-designs the incoming call view to allow you to use your device while it's ringing or while in a call. Answer, decline or dismiss a call with ease without stopping what you're doing. You can pick up a call and stay where you are while in any application. Even place calls from anywhere by activating the dialer interface with an activation method of your choice.

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Recent changes

- Fixed mute button not showing correct state after resuming CallBar from status bar.
- Fixed CallBar's orientation lock causing glitches. Now CallBar appears always in portrait but without locking orientation.
- Fixed inability to take screenshot when CallBar is visible.
- Fixed native call UI appearing randomly together with CallBar's UI.
- Fixed calling from CallBar's contacts page randomly bringing up native UI.
- Fixed glitch after exiting Ringtone or Vibration settings in CallBar UI.
- Fixed CallBar answer/decline buttons being randonly misplaced by other tweaks that attempt to alter CallBar's UI.
- Fixed status bar randomly not showing call status correctly.
- Fixed status bar randonly showing "Test Caller" after call ends.

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