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I want to introduce to you my new theme.

Simply blackify your homescreen with these icons which are subtle and do not change the look that your wallpaper makes, that was the goal.

As always,feel free to send me requests for icons that are missing and new stuff to add.

In the package you get 70+ icons, a lovely lockscreen slider and some minor UI changes. Check it out!

If you like my work, consider making a donation at

Recent changes

  • Added user icon requests.
  • iOS 9 compatibility. Soon I will publish a new update with icon requests.
  • Updated supporting iOS8 as well.
  • Supports iOS 7.1.x and fixed a few icons names.
  • Updated Facebook, Viber, TWC, Chrome. Added Telegram icon. New app label text style.
  • Added new icons: YahooWeather, Day one, Evernote, Yelp, Pandora, Fuelband. Minor tweaks.
  • Added new icons: Netflix, Tweebot 2,3, 9gag, Soundcloud, Eurosport. And a few minor tweaks.
  • Initial release.

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