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Fingerprint protect access to apps, settings and Control Center switches

Designed for the Touch ID sensor with additional support for passcodes

Recent changes

1.3.2: July 28, 2016

  • Full support for iOS 9.3
  • Fix crash when certain types of banners are tapped

1.3.1: January 18, 2016

  • Allow treating a connected Apple Watch or other accessories as an access type
  • Add ability to protect the App Switcher, Control Center and Notification Center on iOS 9
  • Support restricting Auxo's quick switcher
  • Adjust Biometric integration so that matching is disabled when VirtualHome is installed
  • Workaround crashes when encountering folders that have no name

1.3.0: January 17, 2016

  • Add support for restricting phone calls
  • Add support for restricting access to folders
  • Add option to lock device upon authentication failure
  • Show checkmarks in settings pane for items that are already restricted
  • Better icons for settings panes and switches
  • Basic support for Alympus app switcher
  • Support vibration features on iOS 9
  • Protect launching apps through force touch gesture on 3D Touch devices
  • Fix airplane mode authentication prompt showing on respring
  • Restrict access to the camera roll through the Camera app on iOS 9
  • Fix unlocking to a protected app causing a crash on iOS 9

1.2.14: October 25, 2015

  • Support iOS 9's new six-digit numeric passcode
  • Updated localizations
  • Restore previous match mode when finish matching, to provide better compatibility with other tweaks that use the Touch ID sensor

1.2.13: October 24, 2015

  • Support iOS 9

1.2.12: June 26, 2015

  • Support iOS 8.3

1.2.11: April 4, 2015

  • Allow picking Wi-Fi networks by name
  • When BioLockdown completes revert biometric matching mode to original state
  • Fix URL loads not receiving protection on iOS 8

1.2.10: December 24, 2014

  • Fix restricting bulletins on iOS 8
  • Add White option to the App Switcher privacy settings
  • Properly support protected data mode on iOS 8

1.2.9: November 24, 2014

  • Fix iOS 8 crash bug when opening to a locked app
  • Fix Open button in App Store not receiving protection
  • Fix URL loads not receiving protection on iOS 8

1.2.8: October 28, 2014

  • Support iOS 8

1.2.5: January 28, 2014

  • Update localizations
  • Fix out of process features not being protected
  • Fix Flipswitch not working due to settings path migration
  • Support 32-bit processes requesting access to 64-bit authentication service
  • Block more third-party apps use of photos/camera data
  • Lock down settings panes better when minimizing/restoring the settings app

1.2.4: January 27, 2014

  • Secure settings file by making it inaccessible to app store apps
  • Improve performance
  • Require latest versions of dependencies
  • Fix settings pane crash on iOS 6.x
  • Update localizations

1.2.3: January 27, 2014

  • Don't prompt twice if device was unlocked with fingerprint that is allowed access to the target app
  • Allow choosing whether grace period is expired upon locking the device
  • Add vibration settings
  • Fix being unable to power down the device
  • Fix "tiny app" bug when rebooting an iOS 6.x device

1.2.2: January 20, 2014

  • Allow configuring whether power off, icon reorder, spotlight and Siri are accessible
  • Restrict access to the embeddable views for Mail, Messages, Camera, Photos, Contacts, Twitter and Facebook when the equivalent app is locked down
  • Allow selecting fingerprints individually again

1.2.1: January 19, 2014

  • Support disabling passcode and still having apps locked down
  • Allow authenticating based on the Wi-Fi network name
  • Restrict icon rearranging
  • Support iOS 6.x
  • Add Flipswitch switch
  • Gray out device passcode field when no passcode is set
  • Fallback to English text when localization is missing text

1.2: January 17, 2014

  • Support choosing which fingerprints are allowed
  • Support authenticating via a device passcode
  • Support authenticating via a custom passcode
  • Terminate grace period if device is locked
  • Support selecting how app switcher previews should be protected Include localizations
  • Support non-iPhone 5S devices

1.1: January 6, 2014

  • Allow setting a grace period where fingerprints aren't required
  • Prevent deleting locked apps
  • Restrict access to apps from Spotlight
  • Disable access to the camera roll from photos if the Photos app is locked
  • Localization support
  • Reset Control Center switch state when action is rejected
  • Fix unlocking the device to a protected application
  • Blur the contents of protected apps in the App Switcher
  • Apply locking to apps launched from the Control Center
  • Require fingerprint to power down the device

1.0: January 5, 2014

  • Add support for the upcoming version of VirtualHome and conflict with version 1.0
  • Fix support for locking Flipswitch switches
  • Reshow fingerprint prompt after unlocking, if app is locked down and unlock did not occur using a fingerprint
  • Make doubly sure the sensor is turned on when necessary
  • Fix cases where settings panes would not be locked down after a fresh launch of the settings app
  • Require Flipswitch as necessary
  • Conflict with BioProtect, so that both cannot be installed at the same time

1.0: January 4, 2014

  • Initial Release


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