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Compatible with iOS 7 and 8

"Backup It!" can make several backups of your icons layout and restore them back in every moment. Its scope is to be and stay very very simple and user friendly.

Works on iPads, iPhones and iPods.
Works on iOS 4.3 up to 8.x.
The following is a list of third party app that do/doesn't work with BackupIt:
- FolderEnhancer: YES
- GridLock: YES
- InfiniFolders: YES
- Iconoclasm: NO
Workaround: BackupIt will not work with Iconoclasm. This not because they are not compatible but because Iconoclasm will simply overwrite the fresh restored files. Therefore, since Iconoclasm will be the "master", the only possibility is to disabled it in case of restore and keep it disabled. When you want to change you pages layout again, enable iconoclasm again and make a new backup with BackupIt.
- Springtomize Time Machine: NO

The dropbox SYNC functionality NEVER erases any kind of backup. At the contrary, it duplicates local backups to dropbox and vice versa.

Many thanks to @RMMontage for the help with the design.

Recent changes

v 3.5
Fixed bad version indicated inside the app

Add missing dependency

- iOS 8.x compatibility
- fixed sync button shown instead of link button

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