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This is the version of AutoTouch for iOS7 above only!!!
AutoTouch is used to record and playback your operations in your mobile device,such as iPhone,iPad,iPad Mini,iPod Touch.More often it?s used to run the lua script written beforehand to implement more powerful features.You may use it to play games automatically to gain more score and coins, even use it to simulate human operations to test your program with nobody.You have to jailbreak you device before installing AutoTouch.Jailbreak is easy and you can search from the internet.

The price is $4.99USD.You will have full functionality and unlimited play time with the paid edition.
To buy the license: go to the settings view in the app, there is a "License" button, which will validate license and lead to the payment view.It can buy the license with PayPal there.

Configure options at Autotouch app.


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