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Compatible with iOS 8

AutoFreeRam frees the RAM of your device automatically! Every time you close the switcher (Multitasking) the ram will be freed. You will have more fluidity. you can activate the settings an alert that warns you when the action is performed. The ram will arrive in numbers never seen like on iphone 5 up to 600 MB of free RAM ..

Configure options from Settings.

When you install the tweak remember to turn off all switcher and reactivate otherwise tweak does not work!

Recent changes

Fixed problem during installation !!

Fixed bug of display RAM and other bugs

• Support iOS 8.4
• Added the display of RAM with colors in the Status Bar and Navigation Controller
• Added the ability to close all applications together with RAM
• Customizing the displayed text (Glow Effect, Stroke, Fill ecc)
• Added sound which causes the end of the process of liberation RAM
• Major improvements and now supports all devices!


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