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Hey everyone, Xtrendence here, and Ive been working on this particular theme for a very long time now, and finally, I have decided to release it. It includes over 250+ Icons for various apps, including stock ones. It has a completely different UI and even a Respring screen.

It features an awesome golden custom Dock along with a lot more things. It also has custom UI Sounds. The theme functions best with Anemone.

If you would like to contact me for any new icons or whatever, you can email me at [email protected] or you can message me or follow me on Instagram @Xtrendence.

Recent changes

  • Added Deezer Icon.
  • Added 4 New Icons.
  • Added the option to use an Anemone Effect. It gives the Icons a white background.
  • Added around 10 new Icons as requested.
  • Icons Added Anew. To be more precise, around 50 of them.
  • Major Update. Please remove the Theme and reinstall to save Storage. The theme has now been separated, allowing you to individually choose which features you want to Enable.
  • Fixed the Calendar Icon. Thanks to /u/batfirex2 for the .plist file.
  • Added around 10 new Icons along with some minor improvements.
  • Incredibly Minor Update. Only 2 new Icons added.
  • Added around 10 new Icons.
  • Minor update with a few new Icons. Essentially ensures that this and my other themes are consistent.
  • Added around 15 new Icons. Minor improvements.
  • Added a large amount of icons such as SoundCloud, iCleaner Pro etc.
  • Minor changes and a few additions.
  • Added around 15 new icons. Fixed (I think) the theme showing up under Fonts, a few other minor changes.
  • Added new icons (Including Naruto Icon). Settings now features golden icons, but unfortunately the VPN icon isn't changed. The theme changes PreferenceOrganizers icons as well, except the Social Networking Apps.
  • Already fixed the Anemone issue :) About 35 new icons (including Pokemon Go, iCloud, Starbucks, Google Drive, Babel, Assistant Plus and many many more). Slight modifications in other icons.
  • New golden loading indicator. The theme now uses IconBundles and no longer supports Winterboard (File size was getting large). About 20 new icons. New respring screen. Minor improvements to existing icons.
  • Initial release.

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