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Xarold Repository
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Over 100 icons for initial relese with more coming (requests welcome), statusbar, CC icons theme, settings icons theme, 5 different coloured badges, 5 different coloured clock icons, camera grabber theme, respring logo, zeppelin, classic dock theme, jelly lock theme (light and dark versions) and a couple of wallpapers and good active support :)

Recent changes

  • Added 15 new icons, re done some stock apps, original icons in their respective folders as alts if you would rather use them, new icon list in the modmyi release thread :)
  • Added around 40 new icons, fixed a few icons that were not theming, added new minimal grey settings icons theme.
  • Added 27 new icons.
  • Added 21 new icons (list on mmi thread) added alt settings icons theme.
  • Added ipad plist theme, added 20 new icons, icons list on the modmyi thread.
  • Initial release.

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