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finally is here the ios8,9 and 10 version of Arc iphones and ipads(retina display) anemone support.this packages conatain: more then 600 icons, Ui, folders, badges, page dots, zeppelin logos, AnemoneEffects, iKeys(this need ikeys tweak in order to work).

Credits to all my friends and all those who supported me all this years.

Now if you want more icons please read here on the first post.

Recent changes

  • Add more icons, toke out the phone keypad as having just 2 buttons themes looks very ugly and i add it on an separate package so those with ios8/9 can apply it.
  • Add a few more icons, add some missing UI.
  • Add more then 30 icons.
  • Fix some small mistakes i made.
  • Add badges,hide grid for folder,more then 40 icons, i moved the info.plist into the icons pack for those who dont need the ui and i changed the clock icon.
  • Initial release.


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