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All NEW AppCake 5!

AppSync Unified is REQUIRED to install apps!

Compatible with iOS 11 Electra Jailbreak!

NOTICE: ONLY 64bit apps run on iOS11, some apps cracked before will crash on start.

For iOS 11 JBer, enable the 'Crash Fix' will make some games/apps run on iOS11. NOT ALL!

WORKS Perfectly on iOS 10 Yalu Jailbreak !

Works on your iPhone & iPad for 7.0 ~ 11.1.2!

For people who has concerns about AppCake + PPSync

AppCake embedded PPSync8 for iOS 8.x, so it works without appsync unified.
If you installed appsync unified on your device, AppCake will automatically switch to use your appsync!

PPSync was bundled as a backup solution for people don't know how to install AppSync. We never got any bug report about PPSync on iOS8!

AppCake bundled ppsync8 when nothing works for iOS8, here is how it works:
When you open AppCake and start installing IPA file, AppCake will detect if you have AppSync installed, if not, it will inject ppsync to installd, and this injection is valid till you reboot.
If you installed any version of AppSync, it will automatically use the one you installed (without any injection).
So a few things here to be clear:
1. your system is clean after reboot when you used AppCake installing cracked apps. But appsync will inject your installd all the time.
2. appsync is a tool to bypass the verification that if your app is legit. Nothing else. So I highly doubt any statement saying AppSync is not for piracy, 99.9% users of appsync looking for piracy.
3. People should believe what they saw not what they heard, anyone experience any bugs since using ppsync8 on iOS8? (like the bugs on iOS7, stock apps crashing)

So if you think AppCake conflict with your AppSync, reboot, then your system is unchanged from AppCake anymore.

Recent changes


  • iOS 11 Electra compatibility fix


  • Minor fixes

  • Improved UI
  • Minor fixes

  • Fixed 'App Update' issues

  • Fixed issues in 'Remove metadata'
  • Added new ways to delete downloaded apps
  • More language support

  • Added Previous Versions button

  • Added Watch List feature

  • Improved Mobile Network Download Notice
  • More language support
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Stability Improvements
  • Added 5 languages


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added 3D Touch shortcut on home screen
  • Fix download issues
  • Compatibility fix for iOS 9 JB!
  • Localization update
  • Bug fix


  • Added 3D Touch shortcut on home screen, you can use Forcy in Cydia to activate it on older devices!
  • Compatibility fix for iOS 9 JB!
  • Localization update


  • Compatibility fix for iOS 9 JB!
  • Fixed that "Categories Tab Icon" missing


  • Compatibility fix for iOS 9 JB!
  • * File host not loading fix for iOS 9 JB!


  • Important Update for iOS 8.3/8.4 Users
  • Faster Download Speed for some apps!
  • Added more languages


  • Fix crashes on iOS 8.3
  • Added more languages


  • Introducing standalone Torrent Download, you can download any Torrent file or Magnet link now.
    Your downloaded file will be at /var/mobile/Media/AppCake/BTDownload
  • Added Magnet download support
  • iPad UI bug fixes on iOS 8
  • Security improvement of AppCake, everyone should update to secure your AppCake!


  • Introducing standalone Torrent Download, you can download any torrent file now.
    Your downloaded file will be at /var/mobile/Media/AppCake/BTDownload
  • Some localization update


  • Fix "Cocoa 3840" bugs while checking update
  • Added a "ppsync free" version of AppCake in our repo
  • Some localization update


  • Fix "Remove Metadata" bugs
  • Disable "iTunes Sync" on iOS 8, it's not working right now.
  • Compatible with AppSync unified for iOS 8


  • Fix crashes on iPad iOS 7.x


  • Works on iOS 8.x, you don't need Cydia or AppSync. iOS 7.x Users don't need to update.
  • Optimized UI for iPhone 6 Plus!
  • Fix AppManagement bugs on iOS8
  • Known Issue: iTunes Sync still broken on iOS8

4.80 Beta

  • Works on iOS 8.x, you don't need Cydia or AppSync.


  • Fix the download folder bug in Torrent download.
  • Fix "Watch App" crash
  • Speed Optimization


  • Torrents Download! We added torrents download for large apps. Your can request apps to be seeded in our forum.
  • Top Apps for each categories
  • Pause/Resume for download
  • bug fixes


  • Optimized performance on iOS7
  • Fix the crash when using Search
  • Fix security issues in AppCake
  • New way of updating AppCake, you'll get the new AppCake easier than ever.
  • iOS 6 Users please install AppCake for iOS 6 in our repo


  • AppCake now can install DEB cydia apps! (not compatible with dependency)
  • Added "Installed App Management" in Settings
  • Added "WiFi Share" in Settings, you can upload files to AppCake with Browser now
  • Fixed the bug that unfinished download will eat up storage issue


  • Added "Show iPhone App" for iPad version
  • Added more translations


  • Fix for the Cydia not showing update of v4.5


  • Added "Report Link" in download page
  • Language selection in settings
  • Added app installation Indicator
  • Open app in App Store within AppCake now
  • You can open link in Safari now
  • Watchlist icon update
  • Fix the crash when you cancel a download
  • Fix iPad screenshots orientation
  • Added compatibility info
  • Added more translations


  • A quick fix for some crash on iOS 6


  • You asked for a "Watchlist", and here you have it :)
  • Fixed "Corrupted File" and "Install Error" issues, please give us feedback if it's fixed.
  • Fix the crash while deleting the file on iOS 6
  • Added more translations


  • Fixed iPad UI lag
  • Changed downloaded file name to Real name!
  • No more reboot after install
  • Added more translations


  • Fix iTunes Sync Error
  • Add some translations (see change log in app)


  • Entire app was rewritten, fully iOS7 compatible.
  • Added iTunes Sync, Metadata Removal, Air Drop Sharing and Update check etc.


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