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AntiTheft + by @uGuer is a tweak that lets you know the face of those who stole/found your device! When someone is wrong to enter the unlock code, a photo will be taken automatically and sent to the email address that you entered the code below! Automatically activate GPS and tracking of iPhone when you are wrong code! The thief can no longer turn off the device, it can no longer activate the control center to set Airplane mode, it will disable the GPS location, your device will become its trap !! In Addition you can enter the text to pronunce the thief when he's wrong code! You will find so displaced and afraid that you definitely the resistivity device thanks to tweak AntiTheft +!

AntiTheft + is a tweak born to let you know forever the face of those who have found or stolen your device! When someone tries to enter an unlock code and err the tweak will take a picture front framing his face and send it via email in the background of your choice! But this is not enough to stop the thief because he then after becoming aware of this might turn the device so as not to draw its position there for e the Find my iPhone Apple would not work! No fear! Antiatheft + also thinks this ... AntiTheft + will perform the following functions:


• Take picture of the face of the thief and send via Email in background!

• Disable shutdown device!

• Automatically activate the GPS!

• Disabilities the Control Center so they can not put the device into airplane mode! so it will be always traced its location!

• Pronunce the text chosen by you directly to the thief when he's wrong code!

to save the fields of the texts to be included need to click the send button on the keyboard, and then run a respring!

The thief will be in condition to call you and give you back your device with this tweak! It worked already for many people;) Good luck !!


Recent changes

Support iOS 9

Fixed the problem of pronunciation of the text before the alarm sound

Improved the quality of the audio recording environment

Bug fix

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